Gumball 3000 2018 London to Tokyo

This year, the 20th edition of Gumball 3000 we have been able to provide various transports.

The start of the 3000 mile was in London UK and via France the european part ended in Bologna (I). From here the cars and Gumballers have flown to Tokyo for the next part of Gumball 3000.

We are proud and honored that we were able to provide our services to this great car show with many Celebs. Our transportactivities were in UK were we also had to take care of the McLaren P1 GTR during the start ceremonie on Saturday and Sunday in London’s Covent Garden, Bologna to transport the cars which only took part on the European route and Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany for pick up’s and returns.

I would like to thank ;

the complete RENAMO team,
De Reclamemakers Utrecht,
Gumball 3000,
Carlink and
Geodis Wilson NL- UK- I, for making this possible and unforgettable.

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