Delivery of nr. 1 Jaguar XE SV Project 8

Recently we were present at the Surprise Delivery of the One and Only Jaguar XE SV Project 8 for the Netherlands.

By invitation of Broekhuis Jaguar LandRover in Utrecht we transport the Jag in one of our closed trailers to Airport Lelystad. The new owner of the Project 8 in British Racing Green has been told that he should go for a sightseeing flight. This turns out to be a blood-curdling aerial combat simulation. The spectacular flying experience allowed the adrenaline to rage through the body at full speed. The immense G-forces had an addictive effect on his senses. It came out just as well. Because there he was, hidden behind a roller door in the middle of the hangar: the (round) record-breaking, fastest performance saloon of all time !! His Jaguar Project 8.
We find it an honor to deliver an unforgettable day to the only Project 8 owner in the Netherlands, together with the companies below;

Broekhuis Jaguar LandRover
Ansho Bijlmakers photography
Drive ‘M

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